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Cocktail Tequila Sunrise

This cocktail is not shaken or stirred. Its name derives from its supposed resemblance to a sunrise in having a graduation in colour from a deep red at the base to an orange or yellow at the top.

Tequila and orange juice are poured into a glass of ice. Crème de Cassis is then carefully added. Being denser, it falls to the bottom of the drink. A less alcoholic version can be made by substituting grenadine syrup for the Crème de Cassis. Serve with a Maraschino cherry on a stick.

Other spirits can be used to replace the tequila and pineapple juice can be mixed with the orange juice.

Why not relive the hazy summer days in Sutton Coldfield with this colourful cocktail.


George Leslie

Article provided by Walmley Pages Magazine, Sutton Coldfield


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