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The power of advertising

At Think Big Publishing Ltd, we are passionate about helping local reputable businesses communicate their marketing messages through powerful advertising techniques and ideas. We have a variety of Magazines including, Recommended Magazine Sutton Coldfield, Recommended Magazine Lichfield together with Walmley Pages Magazine and the Great Barr Gazette. Our dynamic team help promote local business and recommend the best to the Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Great Barr public.

We also raise the profile of local business on the internet and give them a no hassle but highly effective internet presence to generate new enquiries.

Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage, inform and persuade an audience towards a desired action or as a means of affecting people’s perceptions.  It is an age-old discipline, which probably began life the moment homosapians were born. As prehistoric man proceeded to attract a mate, that most prized possession, via a combination of actions that culminated to a ‘desirable’ status.

However, the advertising we know and love today has developed somewhat since the birth of man and boomed in the late 19th century. Through its development, against cultural changes, technological advances and creative application today advertising is big business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be big bucks.

The key to successful advertising is relevance. Tailored marketing campaigns are the most effective form of advertising, as seen with Coca Cola and Proctor and Gamble. These two companies participated in a 3-month trial relating to targeted click through advertisements. The effort taken to tailor marketing messages to their audiences saw a 300% increase in the click through rates from advertisement to point of sale, i.e. website traffic (Strategic Direction 2008).

The modern world of business is fast paced. A company that can predict change, or react to it quickly, will be a successful one and the Internet provides an appropriate platform for quick change.

Social Mediums, such as Facebook, are phenomenally popular, boasting populations that exceed millions. 6.5 million UK users are recorded on Facebook each month and over 33% of the UK are members of Facebook (netnatives.co.uk, 2010).

The most common way of accessing the internet is still via a PC or laptop (77%) but more than a third (39%) of all adults and more than half (59%) of 15 to 24 year olds go online via a mobile device each week, up from 16 and 34% respectively.
Social media is increasing 60% year on year and Estimates suggest in 2014 the amount of people browsing the Internet via mobile phones will reach 1.83billion, surpassing PC browsing that will languish at 1.78billion.

This highlights the importance of an online advertising campaign, as increased it provides greater accessibility for organisations to reach their target audience, potentially making it easier than ever to convey marketing messages.

Internet Search Engines have been big business, however, Frontier have observed the overall rate of return on investment (ROI), in search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, has declined 10% during the past three quarters of 2010 (Figure 1). They have related the decline of ROI to the fact; pay per click advertising on these search engines is reaching a plateau of maturity. This implies audiences are looking for ‘relevant’ target messages that pull people into their brands rather than pushing it in their faces via paid for advertisements. As audiences become more sophisticated in their decision-making, advertising must also become more refined.

Figure 1.) Graph highlighting the decline in ROI in relation to UK spending trends via online search engines.

However, the tangible article can never be truly replaced. It is revisited easily, stored alongside other important information and shared amongst friends and family.  Hence why Think Big Publishing has an efficient and effective combination for online and offline advertising strategy ensuring your company is seen, heard and visited.

Call us today on 0121 351 6513 to see how we can help your business get the traffic it needs online and the eyeballs it should have offline.


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