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September Song

Amazing how a year can fly past.  It is already September but it seems like only yesterday that we were anticipating summer.  Kids back to school, holidays now just a memory, travel plugs back in that drawer and plans to be made for Christmas.  Even our politicians will soon be back at work, for a couple of weeks at least.  I wonder which bit of our lives they will want to fiddle with next?  I suspect that the majority of us carry on and survive in spite of politicians not because of them.  I think we are lucky in Walmley in our choice of city councillors regardless of their political affiliation.  They are very much hands on and supportive of our efforts in the New Hall Valley.  Recent work on the boardwalk rebuild has been part funded by the Community Chest, with our application endorsed by all three or our       Newhall councillors.  Other developments in the valley are as a result of the boardwalk fire earlier this year and have emerged from discussions with the emergency services.  For example, the bridges over the brook are now painted in bright colours so that should a member of the public wish to phone in an incident requiring the attendance of Police, Fire or Ambulance the colour of the bridge nearest will be an easily communicated location.  Also, the entrance under the rail bridge in Ebrook Road has been identified as the best way into the centre of the valley.  A couple of sharp corners have been widened and strengthened and some overhanging brushwood cut back to facilitate the passage of any emergency vehicles.  All of this work has been done by the Community Payback team.  A great example of justice being seen to be done and completed to our advantage.  Many thanks to them all. 

Finally, have you got on your bike yet?  The new part of the cycleway is now open from Penns Lane through to Eachelhurst Road and is an easy level ride or pleasant walk.  Like I said earlier, we are lucky in Walmley.  Enjoy.

Jeff Gilbert – Jeff’s Useful Shop


Us and Them

Writing this in the middle of July, I can honestly say that none of this piece is based on any hacked phone or contains material gained from a politician or policeman or journalist.  Have you ever had to listen to half of someone else’s phone conversation?  And have you ever heard anything but mind numbing dross?  Any agency that cares to hack my calls requires psychiatric help not a prison sentence!  Corrupt politicians question corrupt police who question corrupt journalists who expose corrupt politicians and on and on and on …….. Is there no quality or decency left in higher public life?  You judge.

Thank goodness that we have places like the New Hall Valley to keep us in touch with the real world here in Walmley.  We do of course also have   another chunk of hidden nature in Plantsbrook Local Nature Reserve on the very edge of our patch.  This has become a somewhat neglected    backwater that is in need of some community TLC.  Please visit it soon and if you can possibly offer some time or wish to help in any way you can, then communicate your ideas to one of our local councillors and let us try to  upgrade this precious resource and make it a facility worthy of Walmley.

Down in the valley look out for the posters calling for volunteers to rebuild the boardwalk.  We are aiming to have a two day blitz on August 20th and 21st.  Any elbow grease or noses to the grindstones will be much appreciated.  If you care, be there.  It’s our valley and projects like this   allow us all to feel a proprietorial interest and demonstrates real community spirit.  We are hoping to recoup some of the cost from the Community Chest council fund but also from our ongoing sponsorship of individual treads.  A tread with YOUR name on it costs £35.  Call into the Useful Shop to arrange yours.

Jeff Gilbert
Jeff’s Useful Shop