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The Sporting Life

Half the year gone, nights drawing in, what happened? July this year is sandwiched between the Jubilee and the Olympics. Still, not wishing to waste good telly time it seems that there is a football competition occurring to fill the gap, and not to forget Wimbledon. Blimey, I’m worn out all ready. We are now in the real summer of our seasons and hopefully St Swithin will be kind to us and it will not rain on the 15th and stay dry for the Olympics. The vibrant colours of spring are being replaced by the more muted midsummer greens and tans as the early spontaneity of flower and blossom dies away. The young and juveniles of foxes, hedgehogs and muntjac are striving for independence. Birds that not long ago were highly sexed and brightly coloured now seem quieter and subdued. Maybe just cream crackered ‘cos kids can be demanding can’t they ? Oh yes I have just remembered, our school holidays start this month as well. Back to nature, I am often asked whether we should feed the birds during the summer in our gardens. The answer is a definite Yes. If the birds are used to coming to your garden for food, i.e. an established feeding station then keep them coming by still putting out small amounts of their favourite foods but do not overfeed. Water is still also very important. In this way we can help the birds recover from the ravages of the breeding season and ensure a thriving population to amuse us in those short winter days. It is a two way process, you get your garden kept clear of grubs and bugs and the birds get a easy living summer, win win for all. Two months now and no mention of politics and no rants. Can I keep it up? Wait and see.

Jeff Gilbert

Article features in the July 2012 edition of Walmley Pages Magazine, delivered to 8,000 homes in

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