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A story of carpentry and football…

Ask John Abbott of J.A. Carpentry why he became a carpenter and you soon realise that he was never going to be anything else. Because, it transpires, carpentry is in the Abbott blood. John got his first taste of this oldest of trades accompanying his carpenter dad on jobs. And before John’s father there was his grandfather too, who, back in the day, installed the old wooden seats at Aston Villa!

The job’s a good ‘un

At 89 John’s dad is still giving him advice, such as “a bad job goes round faster than a good one”. Not that John needs that particular piece of advice, because by his own admission he is very fussy. As far as John is concerned a job is not finished until the customer is completely satisfied, which is why, over the 30 years he has been a carpenter, he has built a solid reputation for craftsmanship and customer service.

Call J.A. Carpentry

John has carried out pretty much every carpentry job you can think of over the years and has a wealth of experience. You can call J.A Carpentry for everything from new kitchens, bathrooms and floors to custom built porches, staircases and other bespoke work. Call for repairs and refurbishments too, from the smallest of jobs to the largest of projects. You’ll find the things that are important to you are also important to John – quality craftsmanship, friendly service and a fair price.

Keeping the tradition alive

Sweeping changes in the design and build of football stadiums mean those old wooden seats that John’s grandfather built have long gone, but today J.A. Carpentry keeps alive the tradition of local quality craftsmanship that began all those years ago.

Not sure if he gets down to Villa Park much though…he’s always too busy working!


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